The Gesture of Giving

My clients range from directors to students, artists to engineers. In addition to a wide range of coaches and consultants, I've worked with individuals and teams from the following organisations:
ABL (Anglia Business Leaders)
Aviva/Norwich Union
IMD Business School, Switzerland
Karuna Trust
London Underground
Northern Bank
West Kent NHS Trust
West London Mental Health Trust


I had coaching sessions with Jnanagarbha over a period of about four months. I was going through big changes in my life at the time, and I found the coaching process invaluable in helping me clarify my aims and values and get a sense of the direction I wanted to go in. I found Jnanagarbha's approach very receptive and subtle, guiding me gently through the process and helping me see some of the deeper underlying issues. I feel I benefitted enormously from having coaching, and would have no hesitation in recommending Jnanagarbha's approach to others.
Dharmachari Suddhaka, Director, Karuna Trust (at time of coaching)

I have had the privilege of both working and learning with Ash and at the same time we have become good friends over the years. He is a man of very strong principles, committed to his development and working on his learning edge. In the times I have used him as a coach he has helped me very quickly to get the nub of my development need through the power of his listening and the acuteness of his questions.
Jeremy Keeley, Keeley-Carlisle Consultancy

Think of meditation and you may visualise lotus flowers, sandals, beards, ’love and peace‘ and aromatic substances. Think again... this sort of meditation is a powerful and proven technique for calmly and easily minimising the grinding effects of everyday business pressure, let alone your blood pressure! A few minutes of daily meditation can improve your clarity, your mood and yes... your health. And like any good business training, it has an immediate positive effect.
Lucy Morrice, PEP

I met Jnanagarbha some six years ago, my life had blown up big time and nothing I had learned before had equipped me to deal with the events of that time. There was plenty of advice around, but Jnanagarbha's grounded style provided a sanctuary of common sense - wisdom so lacking in our supposedly civilised world. You can get guide books, but a guide with knowledge - insight and wisdom not just about the journey, but also about you - is so much better and more fun. Jnanagarbha is that guide, a personalised Hitchhikers Guide to... you'll be surprised where it can take you. I’m now in Bali, scuba diving and trading global stock markets from a laptop. I also laugh a lot - see you in Bali
Terry Restorick